IoT India Magazine And Jigsaw Academy Bring You A List Of Jobs That Are Available In IoT

With India emerging as the global destination for IoT, there has been an increasing need to ensure seamless network connectivity, ease of data transfer between machines and legal framework, among other things. Not only 3G or 4G connectivity, but there has been an advent of technologies like LoRa and ZigBee, to ensure a smooth adoption of IoT in India.

The gaining popularity of IoT has opened up new avenues for professionals who can both understand IoT at its grassroot level as well as have a grasp of business aspect of it. Startups

and MNCs alike have come up with umpteen job opportunities in IoT and related fields, with IoT job opportunities trending in the areas of electronics and hardware, software development, operations and marketing, and sourcing, among others.

There has been an evident surge in various designations available across these profiles, among which the following job roles are currently making waves in India.

The article is originally a part of  IoT Salary Study 2017 which was carried out by IoT India Magazine in association with Jigsaw Academy. Read the complete study here

  • Product Manager/ Product Engineer-

Defining the IoT portfolio, creating product lines, IoT product management and network connectivity are a few things that demand Product Engineers and Managers. Companies are typically looking for candidates with an understanding in cloud computing, in-depth understanding of the wireless and core network architecture, enterprise network, along with software engineering and software systems architecture.

  • Application Developer/ IoT Developer-

The role requires candidates to have a hands-on IoT coding expertise along with an understanding of the IoT platforms and APIs, among other things. Java, Python, Node.js, Groovy, Ruby on Rails, are some of the programming languages expected in an ideal candidate’s profile. Job description essentially involves software development activities, including design, implementation, testing, documentation and maintenance.

  • IoT Software Support/ Software Development Engineer-

This profile is about developing and supporting software modules for IoT products. It requires candidates to develop modules that support the deployment of IoT solutions into various production systems. Strong expertise in algorithms, design patterns and cloud architecture patterns are some of the requirements here.

  • IoT Cloud Architect/ Cloud Engineer-

This profile essentially establishes and deploys the middleware and NoSQL database for collecting data from IoT devices across the network. Designing and building cloud-based multi talent platforms and an understanding of cloud application development platform is a key requirement here. Strong understanding of data connectivity, data processing and analytics is also expected from the candidate.

  • Designer-

Apart from designing the software applications, IoT industry also demands potential candidates who have an expertise in designing IoT consumer devices such as wearable gadgets and paraphernalia. 

Apart from the profiles listed above, the roles of Data Scientist, Data Visualisation Expert, UI Engineer, Data Architect, Embedded Engineer, Material Specialist, Instrumentation Engineer, Connected Device Engineer and Network Engineer, are some other positions in IoT that companies are looking to fill. Right from analysing the volume of data streams to designing the right user interface, there are various functionalities demanding IoT professionals in the country.



Srishti Deoras
Srishti Deoras

Srishti currently works as Senior Content Strategist for Analytics India Magazine. When not covering the analytics news, editing and writing articles, she could be found reading or capturing thoughts into pictures.